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Mayor's Announcements

Meeting: 12/07/2023 - Council (Item 14)

Mayor's Announcements


The Mayor gave an overview on her past seven weeks since being made Mayor, which had been a privilege and a pleasure.


As promised, the Mayor had attended as many events, local charity events and AGMs as possible, such as:


Visiting the Fire and Rescue Services in Newbury which,who did such a valuable wonderful job and couldn’t be commanded enough.


Locally in Bracknell Forest, HomeStart Charity had their 30th birthday, a charity who had previously helped the Mayor and a fellow Councillor, which brought the message home how everyone was in need of help from time to time. They were a wonderful organisation working in Bracknell Forest, with an army of volunteers from the community who were there to help and support when required.


The Mayor had attended Newbold College graduation, a Christian Ministry college who’s education was based on Christian teaching which had been a wonderful and beautiful experience as a Muslim Mayor.


Citizenship ceremonies had been another very valuable service that the Mayor had gotten to be involved in, and during a recent ceremony thirteen different nationalities had come together to accept their British Citizenship and making Britain, and Bracknell Forest, their home.


The recent Cultures and Communities Day held by Bracknell Forest Council had been a commendable effort to bring so many communities of Bracknell Forest together through food, music and dance.


The Mayor stated that so far she had attended twenty five events with three more to attend before the end of July and had been supported by Councillors Pickering and Watts.