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National Drug Strategy – From Harm to Hope

Meeting: 29/09/2022 - Executive (Item 38)

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The National Drug Strategy From Harm to Hope was published in December 2021. In June 2022 guidance for local delivery partners was publish which included a requirement for a new Combating Drugs Partnership to be established to ensure that local areas meet all of the requirements set out in the strategy. The purpose of this report is to ensure that the Executive are in agreement that a Berkshire East Combating Drugs is established

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1          That the geographical footprint of the Combatting Drugs Partnership be based on a Berkshire East Partnership due to the co-terminosity with the Integrated Care Partnership and Public Health functions.


2          That the appointment of Stuart Lines as the Senior Responsible Officer who will represent the Combatting Drugs Partnership and account for local delivery and performance to central government be endorsed.


3          That a temporary partnership post be developed to support the establishment of the Berkshire East Combatting Drugs Partnership, the development of the terms of reference, undertake a needs assessment for Berkshire East and develop a strategy on how the partnership will deliver against the priorities in the national drug strategy


4          That a Local Drug Strategy Delivery Partnership be established to oversee the delivery of the local drug strategy and report on progress to the Berkshire East Combatting Drugs Partnership.


5          That the Leader be requested to appoint the member representative to the Combatting Drugs Partnership.