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Bridgewell Supported Living

Meeting: 25/01/2022 - Executive (Item 225)

225 Bridgewell Supported Living

To set out the invest-to-save business case for a 20-bedroom new supported living accommodation at the Bridgewell site. Supported Living enables people with a learning disability and/or autism to live independently, whether in shared accommodation or in their own home. By investing in good quality home styled accommodation, the Council will continue to demonstrate its commitment to ensuring that people are supported to be independent, resilient, physically and emotionally healthy.

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RECOMMENDED to the Executive Member for Adult Services, Health and Housing that they:



1.     Approve funding of £0.095m as detailed in paragraph 5.22 for detailed design fees to take forward a proposal to build a new, bespoke facility with 20 self-contained units on the Bridgewell site to enable people with learning disabilities to live independently in shared accommodation, which is estimated to save around £0.975m in revenue costs over the first 5 years of operation.


2.      Note the specific requirements in paragraphs 5.23 – 5.27 pertaining to the potential grant from Homes England and agree to further explore the Homes England grant requirements for Option B (Council to build and thereafter appoint the providers) or Option C (To appoint a Registered Provider to build and operate) with a view to improving the financial position modelled in the business case attached as Appendix 2.


3.      Approve the timetable set out in paragraph 5.28.