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Blue Mountain Community and Health Care Hub

Meeting: 19/10/2021 - Executive (Item 198)

198 Binfield Community and Health Care Hub

To provide an update on the progress of the Binfield Community and Health Care Hub scheme and the supporting financial summary.

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RECOMMENDED that the Executive Member of Culture, Delivery and Public Protection:



1.     Notes the progress to date on the community centre and health & wellbeing hub in partnership with the Frimley Care Commissioning Group (CCG) and agree the timetable in paragraph 5.16.


2.     Approves the community centre budget as per paragraph 5.5; the development cost of the health centre to be met by the CCG/NHS as noted in paragraph 5.11.


3.     Agrees to forward fund (as per paragraph 5.5) in capital costs of the Health part of the building, on the basis that the consequent capital financing costs will be covered by any capital contributions secured by the CCG and/or the long-term rental income from the Health provider.


4.     A one-off contribution to be allocated for incentivising an operator of the facility towards their start-up cost along with an allocation of other ancillary set up costs for the borough council as detailed in paragraph 5.11.


5.     Agrees to engage with Binfield Parish Council (BPC) on the basis that the borough Council could provide them with the one-off contribution (as noted in paragraph 2.4) to operate the new community centre via a medium to long term lease. BPC would be requested to make their decision within an eight-week period from the Executive decision date.


6.     Agrees that the management arrangements for the community centre are overseen by the Assistant Director Chief Executive’s Office by procuring an operator to lease and manage the centre, if BPC decline taking on the management of the community centre as set out in 2.5.