TO:     The Executive

19 July 2022



Council Plan Overview Report

Chief Executive


1          Purpose of Report


1.1          To inform the Executive of the performance of the council over the fourth quarter of the 2021/22 financial year (January-March 2022).



2              Recommendation


2.1          To note the performance of the council over the period from January to March  2022 highlighted in the Overview Report in Annex A.



3              Reasons for Recommendation


3.1          To brief the Executive on the council’s performance, highlighting key areas, so that appropriate action can be taken if needed.



4              Alternative Options Considered


4.1          None applicable.



5              Supporting Information


Quarterly Service Reports


5.1          The council’s performance management framework requires the preparation of Quarterly Service Reports (QSRs) by each department.  These QSRs provide an update of progress and performance against departmental Service Plans and are published on the council website.


            Council Plan Overview Report


5.2          The QSRs have been combined into the Council Plan Overview Report (CPOR), which brings together the progress and performance of the council as a whole.  The CPOR enables the Corporate Management Team and the Executive to review performance, highlight any exceptions and note any remedial actions that may be necessary, either from under-performing or over-performing services, across the range of council activities.


Overview & Scrutiny


5.3          The CPOR will also be considered by Overview & Scrutiny.  This process enables all Members to be involved in performance management.


5.4          The CPOR for the fourth quarter (January to March 2022) is shown in Annex A.



6              Advice Received from Statutory and Other Officers


Legal Advice


6.1          There are no specific legal issues arising from this report.


Financial Advice


6.2          There are no direct financial implications arising from this report.


Equalities Impact Assessment


6.3          Not applicable.


Strategic Risk Management Issues


6.4          Any specific issues are included in the QSRs and in the CPOR in Annex A.


Climate Change Implications


6.5          Not applicable.


Health and Wellbeing Considerations


6.6          Not applicable.




Background Papers

QSR – People Directorate – Quarter 4 2021/22

QSR – Delivery Directorate – Quarter 4 2021/22

QSR – Chief Executive’s Office – Quarter 4 2021/22

QSR – Resources Directorate – Quarter 4 2021/22

QSR – Place, Planning & Regeneration Directorate – Quarter 4 2021/22



Contact for further information


Katie Flint, Chief Executives Office – 01344 352217