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Appendix H – Leisure


Annual Report – 2020 to 2021



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Published: February 2022



1.    Introduction.. 3

2.    Covid-19. 3

3.    Equalities Monitoring. 3

4.    Data Sources. 4

5.    Forward Look 4

5.    Action from last years report 4




1.   Introduction


Everyone Active is the Council’s leisure partner responsible for the operation, management and delivery of a wide range of leisure activities across three sites in Bracknell.


Bracknell Leisure Centre (BLC) which is a sport and leisure centre, Coral Reef Waterworld (CR) which is a leisure fun pool and a Downshire Golf Club (DGC) which is a golf complex.   


To access two of these sites, Bracknell Leisure Centre and Downshire Golf Complex, residents and visitors to the area can apply for an e+ smartcard that acts as a membership and access card. Each time the card is used to purchase activities a transaction is recorded to enable usage to be monitored. Access to Coral Reef is via an online digital booking system only. This was introduced in response to Covid-19.


2.   Covid-19


During the reporting period April 20 to March 21 the Covid-19 pandemic had a considerable impact across the three sites. Periods of national lockdown and tiered local restrictions resulted in three separate and prolonged periods of closures across the three sites. The timeline for closures is as follows:


·         All sites closed 21st March 2020

o   DGC reopen 15th May 2020

o   BLC reopen 25th July 2020

o   CRF reopen 11th August 2020

·         All sites closed 5th November 2020

o   All sites reopen 2nd December 2020

·         All sites closed 19th December 2020

o   DGC reopen 29th March 2021

o   BLC reopen 12th April 2021

o   CRF reopen 19th May 2021


In addition to the required closures the sites were reopened on different timelines due to the activities offered. Once opened there were also significant restrictions in the operation of activities and reduction of services as advised by the Government.  As a result many services operated via online bookings only and with greatly reduced capacities.


Due to the significant constraints on the operation of these services during this reporting period no tangible data is available. In previous years data has been drawn from enrolments and transactions from the E+ smartcard database. Although people who do not use the e+ card may also use the service, the e+ card numbers are generally sufficiently high to make this a viable measurement of access to leisure services. Only Bracknell Forest residents are eligible for E+ cards. During Covid-19 transactions were very limited with memberships put on hold or being cancelled rather than new memberships being taken out.


3.   Equalities Monitoring


The purpose of equalities monitoring is to ensure the Council is providing a fair and equitable service to all residents. The council has a general duty under the Equalities Act 2010 to pay due regard to three key equality aims:

1.    Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation


2.    Advance equality of opportunity between those who share a relevant protected characteristic and those who do not


3.    Foster good relations between those who share a relevant protected characteristic and those who do not


To ensure the service is fair and equitable, customer satisfaction monitoring is normally relevant to the protected characteristics:


·         Age

·         Disability

·         Sex

·         Gender reassignment

·         Race

·         Religion or belief

·         Sexual orientation

·         Marriage and civil partnership

·         Pregnancy and maternity


In addition to the above protected characteristic there are some groups who may use our leisure facilities and may face discrimination and need special consideration  e.g.

carers, those on low incomes and Armed Forces personnel/veterans.The Leisure Saver Scheme supports these groups.


The scheme is free to join and offers considerable savings (on average 70%) off the cost of specific activities at Bracknell Leisure Centre and Downshire Golf Complex.

In order to qualify for the Leisure Saver Scheme applicants must live in the borough and be in receipt of one or more of a number of benefits.

4.    Data sources


Due to the impact of Covid-19 for the 20-21 period it is a nil return.


5.    Forward Look


In advance of the 21-22 return data is being collated via a customer satisfaction and equalities monitoring survey to be issued to members in November 2021. This will be supported by use of feedback pods in each of the reception areas.


6.    Actions from last year’s report


The last report was submitted in 2018-19 with no specific actions arising.