Appendix A – Funding Estimates



Funding Estimate


£15 supermarket vouchers to provide support over the October, Christmas, February, and Easter holidays to Free School Meals children in Bracknell Forest schools and the equivalent under 5s. This would be £15 per child, per week. We expect this to be approximately 2,621 children.

Requires voucher procurement as per SPP.

£235,890 [1]


£50 supermarket vouchers to distribute to those receiving low income-based council tax support. We expect this to be approximately 4900 households. Requires voucher procurement as per SPP.

£245,000 [2]


Provide the local foodbank with a grant to purchase fresh food for residents and fuel payment top us.



Provide The Ark with a grant to distribute to low income carers and vulnerable adults/older people to help with essential items through the winter.



Cover the awards made through the local authority’s Local Welfare Scheme which provides one-off payments in emergencies and help with the cost of essential items.



Top up Children’s Social Care S17 emergency fund for welfare support to vulnerable low-income households.



Grant to assist Bracknell Forest’s rough sleepers with essentials they may need over the winter months (spend supported via caseworkers).



Grant to assist Bracknell Forests care leavers with essentials they may need over the winter months.


Administration Costs


Printing and posting of supermarket vouchers for digitally excluded, communications






This leaves around £15,000 of unallocated funding. The grant spend will be reviewed in January 2022 to assess where this further funding could be best used.


[1] Figures are subject to change as children may become eligible at any point due to change in family circumstances. Therefore, this figure may increase.

[2] Figures correct as of October 2021, these may change as those eligible may increase or decrease when latest records are downloaded.