To:      Executive Member for Culture, Delivery and Public Protection

8 November 2021



Strategic procurement plan – Specialist printing for Electoral Services

Head of Democratic and Registration Services

1          Purpose of Report

1.1       To approve a Procurement Plan for specialist printing and postage services for elections and electoral registration.

2          Recommendation

2.1       That the Executive Member approves the procurement plan as detailed below to enable the tendering of this contract.

3          Reasons for Recommendation

3.1       To ensure the printing requirements for future elections and registration materials are produced in a legally compliant way, at a competitive price.


3.2       The existing contract for specialist printing services came to an end in February 2021. An extension on existing terms was granted to cover the period of March 2021 to February 2022. This decision seeks approval to undertake that new procurement plan.

4          Alternative Options Considered

4.1       Consideration was given to using in house services, however there is not expertise and knowledge to deliver the specialist print services that are legally required.

4.2       At the point of commencing this process there were no opportunities for collaboration with other public bodies.

4.3       Utilising existing framework agreements.  Those found to be available do not provide a comprehensive service required by the Council.  To use an existing framework, it would be necessary to carry out a mini competition alongside a regular procurement exercise and this would double the administrative burden

5          Supporting Information

5.1       The existing provider was awarded the contract in December 2016 and has successfully delivered all elements of product specification as originally tendered.


5.2       The expectations of this new contract are the same as the previous with the successful bidder capable of delivering all electoral registration and elections print activity within the statutorily set deadlines.

6          Consultation and Other Considerations

Legal Advice

6.1       Legal and constitutional considerations are included in the body of the document.

Financial Advice

6.2       There are no cashable savings resulting from this new contract.

Procurement Advice

6.3       Procurement considerations have been incorporated into this document.

Equalities Impact Assessment

6.4       An Initial Equalities Screening Record Form has been completed for this requirement and is attached.


The screening determined that a full Equality Impact Assessment was not required.

Strategic Risk Management Issues

6.5       Post contract risk management will form part of regular contacts undertaken by the Council’s contract manager and the supplier to ensure critical deadlines are kept to, quality issues are addressed and any other issues raised are resolved by working together collaboratively.

Climate Change Implications

6.6       The recommendations in Section 2 above are expected to have no impact on emissions of CO2.


The outcome of this procurement exercise is not expected to produce an increase in CO2 emissions as the activity involved is unchanged from the previous contract.


Tenderers will be evaluated on their commitment to lowering their carbon footprint, for example usage of recycled paper, safe disposal of waste and usage of green energy.

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Contact for further information

Ann Moore, Head of Democratic and Registration Services - 01344 352260

William Drapans, Electoral Services Officer - 01344 353107