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Core Network Contract Award

Executive Director of Delivery

1          Purpose of Report

1.1       This project aims to implement modern and flexible core network solutions at the centre at Time Square and to facilitate network services at remote locations. This work will be separated into two phases. Phase 1 concentrates on the refresh of the core of network and user base at Time Square. Phase 2 will cover the refresh of the infrastructure at remote sites. This procurement covers Phase 1 only and requires the implementation of Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA) which allows for automated device configuration which is simpler to manage than the current complex network solutions we have in place.

1.2       This report seeks approval to award a contract for the provision of the Cisco hardware and associated support required to deliver the proposed design. This award is following a robust procurement process.

2          Recommendation(s)

2.1       That the contract for the Teams Telephony with Direct Routing and related services is awarded to Tenderer B. The contract term is for five years and is authorised to the sum specified in section 8 of the corresponding confidential annex.

3          Reasons for Recommendation(S)

3.1       Having conducted a mini competition under Lot 2 of the Crown Commercial Services RM3808 Network Services 2, for Local Connectivity Services, Tenderer B are the recommended supplier based on quality and pricing criteria.

4          Alternative Options Considered

4.1       As detailed in the Strategic Procurement Plan

5          Supporting Information

5.1       The Procurement Plan for the Core Network Data Refresh was approved by the Executive in March 2021.

5.2       A Bill of Materials (BoM) was produced by members of the project team. A set of qualitative questions was also produced, to be completed by prospective suppliers. 

5.3       In May 2021 the tender opportunity issued against Lot 2 of the Crown Commercial Services RM3808 Network Services 2 framework, for Local Connectivity Services. The invitation to quote (ITQ) was extended to all 36 suppliers in that Lot utilising the Council’s e-Procurement system.

7          Consultation and Other Considerations

7.1       Legal Advice

Legal services are satisfied that the proposed contract award meets the Council’s internal governance requirements and complies with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

7.2       Financial Advice

The initial capital for this project has been earmarked to be funded from the ICT Infrastructure Capital project in 2021/22 with the balance funded from capital budget in 2022/23.

7.3        Other Consultation Responses (Head of Procurement)

Procurement considerations contained within the Confidential Annex.

7.4       Equalities Impact Assessment

The screening performed in the strategic procurement plan determined that a full Equality Impact Assessment was not required

7.5       Strategic Risk Management Issues

Replacing the components in this project is critical to the continuing operations of the Council and needs to be kept current to fall in line with security requirements. The current equipment is approaching end of life and needs to be upgraded before it falls out of support.


7.6       Climate Change Implications

            The recommendations in Section 2 above are expected to reduce our carbon footprint by using more efficient hardware.



Contact for further information

Gareth Edwards, ICT Services - 01344 352702