The following queries / requests for information were submitted by members of the Commission to the Clinical Commissioning Group in advance of the meeting:


Q         Please provide data relating to the attendance figures for services at Brants Bridge before the pandemic


A          This would be covered in the presentation for the Commission on 03.08.21.



Q         What were the number of calls into the service, number of referrals, and number of visits without appointments (i.e. people that have been turned away) since the change


A          The latest information collected by the service providers would be shared as part of the presentation for the Commission on 03.08.21.



Q         Could you share the result of the consultation(s) you did as part of their evidence gathering to support your decision re discontinuation of the walk-in scheme  


A          There was no consultation process. As shared with the Commission previously the decision to step back the walk in aspect of the service at Brants Bridge was taken at the height of the pandemic as part of the NHS emergency planning response with the intention of minimising the risk of increasing community transmission and putting at risk highly vulnerable patients who were accessing Brants Bridge to access dialysis and chemotherapy treatment.  Patients continued to be able to access minor illness provision locally at both Skimped Hill and Crowthorne clinics via their GPs and our minor injury offer was temporarily moved into Frimley Park Hospital. All services have since been reinstated at Brants Bridge.


Q         When were the proposals- now arrangements- discussed with the residents and/or Council members?


A          The Health and Wellbeing Board has been kept abreast of the impact of the pandemic on local NHS services throughout the pandemic both directly and through the Chair. There have also been regular communications with all Patient Participation groups, and directly with the public via Town and Country, local press and online medium including through patients own GP practices.



Q         Why was the Commission not consulted before the decision was made?


A          There was no formal consultation – see comment above.



Q         Did the closure appear on the agenda of the Health and Wellbeing Board and if so what was their comment?


A          See comment above.



Q         Can you please provide the cost of the operation of the facility e.g. the financial costs of the building and its services


A          We are unable to provide details of any costs relating to the operation of the facility as this building is owned and run by Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.



Q         What savings that would be made by staffing it as a Nurse lead facility?  


A          There are no savings. The workforce remains the same as it was pre Covid.



Q         Are other Urgent Care centres still functioning?


A          The minor injuries services at St Marks Hospital in Maidenhead remains suspended for the time being. Minor illness services continue to be provided.