Annex A – Conservative Group nominations



Appointed by ​

Conservative Group nomination ​


Overview and Scrutiny ​

Overview and Scrutiny Commission (OSC)​

Council ​

Cllr M Gibson​

Wellbeing and Finance Overview and Scrutiny Panel ​


Cllr Mrs McKenzie

Cllr M Gibson (Chair elect)​

Non-Executive Decision-Making Committees ​

Appeals Committee  ​

(pool of 11 councillors) ​

Council ​

Cllr Dr Barnard​

Education Employment Sub Committee ​


Cllr L Gibson​

Employment Committee (EC)​

Council ​

Cllr L Gibson​

Governance and Audit Committee ​

Council ​

Cllr Brossard

Cllr D Birch (substitute)​

Local Joint Committee (substitute member) ​


Cllr Dudley​

Other Joint Committees, Panels and Groups ​

Community Safety Partnership Working Group ​

Council ​

Cllr Mrs Hayes MBE​

Portfolio Review Groups ​

Finance PRG ​

Leader ​

Cllr Brossard

Care PRG ​


Cllr Heydon​

Community PRG ​

Leader ​

Cllr Mrs Ingham

Cllr M Gibson (Chair elect)