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21 April 2021



Councillor Development Annual Report

Executive Director of Delivery – Democratic and Registration Services


1          Purpose of Report

1.1       To present to Council an overview of activity which has been completed to support councillor’s development in 2020 – 2021.

2          Recommendation

2.1       That the councillor development annual report 2020 – 2021 be noted.

3          Reasons for Recommendation

3.1       Under the current strategy, councillors receive an annual report each year on the progress of member learning and development. This report details the progress made under each guiding principle and has a particular focus on learning undertaken to adapt to working in a pandemic. 

4          Alternative Options Considered

4.1       None. The development activities have been carried out in line with the Councillor Development Strategy 2020 – 2024.

5          Supporting Information

5.1       The Councillor Development Strategy was developed by the Member Development Charter Steering Group in 2020. The Steering Group have reviewed the Strategy and determined it remains robust and relevant, so no amendments have been proposed.

5.2       The Councillor Development Strategy has 5 main principles which shape the member development programme and supporting activities:

·         continuing to build on established activity

·         recognise the requirements of the councillor role and deliver training and support that is tailored to that role

·         ensure that content is engaging, relevant, up to date and pitched at an appropriate level

·         use a diverse and flexible range of delivery methods and

·         capitalise on opportunities to work with others.


6          Consultation and Other Considerations

Legal Advice

6.1       There are no specific legal implications arising from this report.

Financial Advice

6.2       The costs associated with the Councillor development work detailed in the annual report 2020/21 have been contained within the 2020/21 budgets for approved conferences (£9248) and member training (£7,190).

Equalities Impact Assessment

6.4       An Equalities Impact Assessment initial screening has been completed and is attached at Appendix B.

Strategic Risk Management Issues

6.5       Councillors have a pivotal role in taking forward the Council’s objectives, therefore effective councillor development is essential to ensure that councillors enhance their knowledge, capabilities, networks and experiences and learn new skills.  Without it there is a risk that the Council will not be as well placed to deliver its objectives.

Climate Change Implications

6.6       The recommendations in Section 2 above are expected to:

Reduce emissions of CO2

The reasons the Council believes that this will reduce emissions is because training has been carried out remotely, therefore reducing the journey’s taken by car and public transport to attend training in person.

Background Papers

Member development annual report 2020 – 2021



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