Blue Badges Review

Wellbeing and Finance Overview & Scrutiny Panel

Reason for review

·         Multiple complaints

·         Info arising from SI&L review (can’t get out)

·         Primary legislation to help those with hidden disabilities – outcome different

·         Ombudsman involved – albeit stated protocols followed – appeal process was criticised (since improved) – improved processes but need monitoring data - same outcome?

·         Local media involved – comparisons with others BFC at lowest end (disparity between visible and non-visible disabilities – BFC is 16th highest disparity).



The review is aiming to understand why:

·         Outcomes are so poor, in relation to other Councils

·         A disparity exists between the intended outcomes of the primary legislation and the outcomes delivered

The review will do this by enquiring about (not an exhaustive list):

·         What BFC is doing differently

·         The evidence needed for a positive assessment of those with a hidden disability

·         The training of awarding officers regarding hidden disabilities

·         Comparison with questions regarding PIP grants

At the conclusion of this work the Panel will produce a report highlighting its findings and proposing recommendations to the Executive, with a view to improving the internal evaluation process and enhancing the reputation of BFC, in relation to support residents with hidden disabilities.

Delivery methods:

·         Interviewing relevant witness, including those affected

·         Consulting other local authorities to understand how their schemes are run

·         Desktop review of relevant data and any comparisons between legislative intentions and internal BFC protocols

Council theme:

·         Caring for you and your family

·         Value for money

Council team:

·         Democratic services officer

·         Blue badge Officer

Review due:

·         April 2021

Proposed by:

·         Cllr Malcolm Tullett, Chair Wellbeing and Finance Panel

Equality Impact Assessment

·         Potential for unintended discrimination

·         Potential for enforced isolation and loneliness

Financial and legal implications

There are potentially legal and financial implications of any recommendations arising from this review which will be fully addressed in the review report. 


Climate change implications

Unknown, at this stage, although the implications of any recommendations arising from this review which will be fully addressed in the review report.