16 March 2021

6.00  - 7.12 pm



Councillors Ms Merry (Mayor), Gbadebo (Deputy Mayor), Allen, Angell, Atkinson, Bhandari, Dr Barnard, Bettison OBE, D Birch, Mrs Birch, Brossard, Brown, Brunel-Walker, Dudley, Finch, Ms Gaw, Mrs L Gibson, MJ Gibson, Mrs Hamilton, Harrison, Mrs Hayes MBE, Ms Hayes, Heydon, Mrs Ingham, Kennedy, Kirke, Leake, Mrs McKenzie, Mrs McKenzie-Boyle, McLean, Mrs Mattick, Mossom, Neil, Porter, Skinner, Temperton, Tullett, Turrell, Virgo and Wade

Apologies for absence were received from:

Councillors Green and Parker


51.          Declarations of Interest

Councillor Harrison declared an affected interest in agenda item 3 by virtue of his lodger being an employee of Syngenta and having sought legal advice would take part in the debate and vote. 


Councillor Atkinson declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in agenda item 3 by virtue of his employer, WiredScore UK Limited, being engaged in discussions with a developer of the proposed Syngenta site and therefore left the meeting before commencement of the item.


Councillor Dr Barnard declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in agenda item 3 by virtue of his employer, Thermo Fisher Scientific, having global business relationships with Syngenta and therefore left the meeting before commencement of the item.



52.          Submission of the Bracknell Forest Local Plan

Having declared disclosable pecuniary interests Councillors Atkinson and Dr Barnard left the meeting before the item commenced. 


The Council considered a report seeking approval to submit the Pre Submission Bracknell Forest Local Plan, Policies Map and all supporting documents to the Secretary of State for independent examination by an appointed Inspector who would be requested to recommend any main modifications to the submitted Plan, in the event that they were considered necessary to make the Plan sound.


Andrew Hunter, Director: Place, Planning and Regeneration advised the meeting that the Plan before council was the final version of the plan which had been shaped, by consultations, evidence and national guidance, it aimed to meet needs for Bracknell Forest’s existing and future populations up until 2037 and provide the council with an up to date Local Plan against which development proposal in the borough would be assessed. The first part of the Plan dealt with the strategic policies which would apply across the Borough and included the site allocations for regeneration, growth, development, and enhancement. The second part dealt with the more detailed policies generally applied to planning applications when they were being considered by the council.


The key changes to the Plan since the last public consultation included:


·                     An update to the housing figures required over 15 year life of the Plan

·                     Detailed changes to the 20 plan allocations set out in policy LP4, this included updating site capacities in the light of evidence and consultation responses

·                     Site specific policies for the larger more complex allocations, including Jealott’s Hill, Beaufort Park, Derby Fields and the addition of the Peel Centre for mixed use, residential led development.

·                     There had been reduction in the new homes proposed for the new garden community at the Jealott’s Hill site reducing the allocation to 2000 new homes alongside the development of a new science park. The area to be removed from the Greenbelt had been reduced. The publicly accessible open space surrounding the development would be left within the Green Belt. A small Gypsy and Travellers site had been added to the allocation and would provide for 8 additional pitches to meet needs. The proposal for a secondary school had been removed as existing borough facilities would be able to meet needs.

·                     The Affordable Housing Policy had been updated to meet needs and issues of viability and seek to secure 35% affordable housing on all qualifying sites.


The Plan was supported by a number of technical studies, assessments and background studies which made up the extensive evidence base for the plan which would be available for the purposes of the local plan examination.


In response to Councillors’ questions the Director made the following points:


·                     The proposed allocation of 2,000 new homes on the Jealott’s Hill site were integral to the delivery of the whole plan to meet housing need.

·                     The final version of the plan included the sites selected from those submitted in earlier consultation stages for consideration.

·                     The Plan as set out meets the need by delivering 614 houses per year but if the Jealott’s Hill site was not included then the Plan would be short by 1350 homes and alternative site for housing development would need to be found.

·                     The allocation at Jealott’s Hill was a mixed development of 2000 homes with additional employment space to create an aggrotech science park for the borough.

·                     The assessment for taking land out of the green belt within the Local Plan context was about demonstrating exceptional circumstances. An additional report on the Jealott’s Hill allocation had been prepared to set these out and would be available as part of the consultation.


In moving the recommendations Councillor Turrrell, Executive Member for Planning and Transport thanked all the residents who had commented on the Local Plan so far, encouraged participation in the submission consultation and thanked the Planning policy team officers for their work on the comprehensive plan. 


Proposed by Councillor Turrrell, Executive Member for Planning and Transport, seconded by Councillor Bettison OBE it was 




i)              the Pre-Submission Bracknell Forest Local Plan, Policies Map and all supporting documents for formal submission to the Secretary of State for independent examination by an appointed Inspector be approved; and, 


ii)             the appointed Inspector be requested to recommend any main modifications to the submitted Plan that are considered necessary to make the Plan sound. 
























For further information contact: Kirsty Hunt