Forward Plan:  

Implementation  Schedule & RAG rating    March 2021 

Priority !  Understanding the local context     

Action 1 Appreciating the school context    RAG Rated  RED

 Implementation Team <  Elected Members     

                                                                        Lead Contact    ???????   

Agtion 2    Understanding the school ethos.   RAG  Rated  RED 

Implementation Team <  Subgroup and Governors

                                          Lead Contact:  Chair and Vice Chair 

Action 3    Discover links between School and Worship Centres  RAG  Rated RED    

Implementation Team  <  Subgroup

                                                                              Lead Contact:   Vice Chair    (Madeline Diver)

Action 4. Meeting location choice    RAG  Amber

Implementation Team  <   Adviser and Officer

                                                Lead Contact   Adviser    (Anne Andrews)           
















  Forward Plan:  

Implementation  Schedule & RAG rating    March 2021 

Priority 2:  Promoting good religious education

Action 1:  Role of Network meetings  RAG rating:  Amber/Green

Implementation Team: <  Adviser and School RE Leads

                                                                        Leaad contact:   (Anne Andrews)

Action 2:  Best Practice   Rag rating   Amber/ Green

Implementation Team  <  Teachers / SACRE members / Faith Leaders

                                                                        Lead Contact:  Adviser(s)

Action 3:  Speakers from  Faith Perspectives   RAG rating   Red

Implementation Team  <  SACRE Members

                                                            Lead Contact   Vice Chair

Activity 4:  Virtual trips/visits RAG rated    Amber

Implementation Team   <   SACRE Members

                                                            Lead Contact:  ????????                                               

Activity 5:  Understanding between Faiths   RAG rated  Amber

Implementation Team  <   Teachers

                                                            Lead Contact   ????????

Action 6:  Provide resources   RAG rated   Amber/Green

Implementation Team   <  could be vaste

                                                            Lead Contact:   Adviser











Forward Plan:  

Implementation  Schedule & RAG rating    March 2021 

Priority 3.   Monitoring Religious Education and collective worship

Action 1:  Note place of religious education       RAG rated    AMBER

Implementation Team  <  Teachers / Governors /  LA Advisers

                                                                        Lead Contact:   ?????

Action 2    Review pupil engagement with RE and CW    RAG rated RED

Implementation Team  <  Governors / Teachers / LA Advisers

                                                                        Lead contact:   ?????

Action 3:   Investigate options for App to gather pupil views   RAG rated RED

Implementation Team  <  SACRE Members/ Teachers LA

                                                                        Lead contact    ?????

Action 4:  Convert learning to Life Skills.   RAG rated RED

Implementation Team <  Teachers

                                                                        Lead contact  ?????

Action 5  Place of CW         RAG rated    RED

Implementation Team: <  Headteachers

                                                                        Lead contact   ?????