Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Heathlands Redevelopment03/08/2020For Determination10/11/2020
Approval of Customer Experience Strategy 2021-202431/07/2020For Determination15/12/2020
Approval of Digital & IT Strategy 2021-202431/07/2020For Determination15/12/2020
School Admission Arrangements 2022-2329/07/2020For Determination26/02/2021
Procurement of a Neutral Vendor for Agency Staff21/07/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Procurement Plan for new Framework for Road Based Passenger Transport Framework10/07/2020For Determination10/11/2020
To agree the publication of the Decision Statement and the submission of the Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan to a referendum04/05/2020For Determination16/12/2020
Wellbeing and Finance Overview & Scrutiny Panel Review – Healthy Eating, Activity and Exercise13/03/2020For Determination04/01/2021
Revenue Budget 2021/2217/03/2020For Determination15/12/2020
Revenue Budget 2021/2217/03/2020For Determination09/02/2021
Education, Skills and Growth Overview & Scrutiny Panel - Care Leavers09/03/2020For Determination10/11/2020
Residents' Survey Results 202015/11/2019For Determination20/10/2020
Pre-submission consultation response on the draft Winkfield Neighbourhood Plan02/03/2018For Determination25/09/2020