Executive Decisions

Decisions published

24/02/2021 - Introduction and removal of disabled parking bays - various roads in Bullbrook, Crown Wood, Great Hollands North and South, Hanworth, Old Bracknell, Priestwood and Garth and Wildridings and Central ref: 3147    Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

To consider the introduction and removal of disabled parking bays in various residential roads in Bullbrook, Crown Wood, Great Hollands North & South, Hanworth, Old Bracknell, Priestwood & Garth and Wild Ridings & Central

Decision Maker: Executive Member for Planning & Transport

Decision published: 24/02/2021

Effective from: 04/03/2021


      i.        That the formal objections received during the statutory consultation process and the corresponding Officer comments are noted.


     ii.        That the position with regard to local ward Members comments received during the informal consultation process is noted.


    iii.        That the Borough Solicitor be authorised to bring the Disabled Parking Spaces Order into effect.

Wards affected: Bullbrook; Crown Wood; Great Hollands North; Great Hollands South; Hanworth; Old Bracknell; Priestwood and Garth; Wildridings & Central;

Lead officer: Nick Rose

22/02/2021 - Procurement of Occupational Health (OH), Counselling and Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) ref: 3145    Recommendations Approved

The current OH contract will be ending in June 2021. We currently pay ad hoc for counselling services with Harmony, this arrangement also comes to an end in June 2021. In addition we have been using Vivup for EAP and benefits on a trial which has been extended until June 2021. On 1 July 2021 we will be going live with a new provider(s). The tender process begins on 1 February 2021.

Decision Maker: Director: Resources

Decision published: 22/02/2021

Effective from: 22/02/2021


As part of our service offering to ensure a high performing and healthy workforce, the Council offers an Occupational Health (OH) service as well as an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) including one-to-one counselling and self-help guidance and support to employees. 


In order to continue to support staff at Bracknell Forest Council and in schools with their wellbeing and attendance at work, there is a need to re-procure a full employee health and welfare service.  Current arrangements finish at end of June 2021, and re-procurement will ensure the services remains within existing budget and with minimum disruption at transition.

Lead officer: Lisa Hippolyte

15/02/2021 - S106 contribution for Owlsmoor Community Centre ref: 3143    Recommendations Approved

S106 contribution to make improvements at Owlsmoor Community Centre

Decision Maker: Executive Member for Culture, Delivery and Public Protection

Decision published: 15/02/2021

Effective from: 23/02/2021


That approval is given for expenditure of £611 from S106 contributions on the Owlsmoor Community Centre

Wards affected: Owlsmoor;

Lead officer: Lesley Doyle