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Revenue Expenditure Outturn 2018/19

23/07/2019 - Revenue Expenditure Outturn 2018/19


i.      the outturn expenditure for 2018/19, subject to audit, of £81.127m, which represents an under spend of -£2.528m compared with the approved budget is noted.


ii.     the budget carry forwards of £0.101m (paragraph 5.7 and Annexe C of the Director: Finances report), is noted.


iii.    Council note the Treasury Management performance in 2018/19

as set out in Annexe B of the Director: Finances report.


iv.   the earmarked reserves as set out in Annexe D of the Director: Finances report are approved.


v.    the virements relating to the 2018/19 budget between £0.050m and

£0.100m are approved and recommends that those over £0.100m be approved by Council (Annexe E of the Director: Finances report. ).