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Transport Model Rebuild

08/01/2019 - Transport Model Rebuild

Bracknell is in the process of rebuilding its Multi Modal Transport Model to be used to inform on the impact of both transport and development proposals within the Bracknell administrative area. To date the model has been used successfully to support the Council’s growth programme. The Site Allocations Plan was adopted in full in 2013 and work on the new comprehensive Local Plan is now underway. In addition to this, the model has been used to develop successful business cases that have secured approximately £25m towards transport infrastructure through various Government funding initiatives.

The DfT's WebTag guidance requires us to rebuild the Bracknell Forest Multi-Modal Transport Model (BFMMTM) every five to six years in order for it to remain robust and reliable enough to continue supporting the Council's Local Plan and infrastructure improvement programmes. Therefore to assist in the development of the new model, we need to commission transport consultants to assist us in taking this major project forward