Issue - decisions

Capital Programme 2019-20

12/02/2019 - Capital Programme 2019-20

The Executive RECOMMENDS to Council  that:


a)    the General Fund capital funding of £33.437m for 2019/20 in respect of those schemes listed in Annexes A – E of the Director: Finance’s report.


b)    the inclusion of an additional budget of £1m for Invest to Save schemes.


c)    the inclusion of £1.145m of expenditure to be funded from S106 and SANG as outlined in paragraph 5.33 of the Director: Finance’s report.


d)    those schemes that attract external grant funding are included within the Capital Programme at the level of funding received.


e)    tS106 funding of £0.1m be approved for works at Easthampstead Park School as outlined in paragraph 5.28 of the Director: Finance’s report.


1.    capital schemes that require external funding can only proceed once the Council is certain of receiving the grant.