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Update on the Outcomes of the Retention and Recruitment Workshop

Nikki Gibbons, Director: OD, Transformation and HR to provide an update to the Commission on the outcomes of the recruitment and retention workshop.


Nikki Gibbons, Director: OD, Transformation and HR was invited to the Commission to provide an update on the outcome of the retention and recruitment workshop which had been requested by the Overview and Scrutiny Commission in 2018 in order to review the problems facing the Council in recruitment and retention of staff.


The Director: OD, Transformation and HR gave an overview presentation which focused on a number of issues that had been looked at and the key priority areas.


As the item was heard under the Exclusion of public and press, it was requested that the presentation be circulated to Members of the Commission.


(ACTION: Hannah Stevenson to circulate presentation to Members.)


As a result of Members comments and questions, the following points were made:


  • There was a sense of satisfaction with Members that the issues in the presentation were the ones raised at the workshop which was very gratifying.
  • The reasons why staff were leaving had been recorded in data sets. The trends had been identified and the turnover had increased, which was to be expected and not necessarily a bad thing as the percentage was still below the national average and the Council was undergoing a Transformation Programme.
  • A staff social club was still in existence, it was so successful that it was self run across the Council. The events were often sold out, with waiting lists to get onto events.
  • A healthy turnover was needed for an organisation to prevent the organisation from becoming stagnant and create movement and career opportunities.
  • Career pathways across the Council were being created and there was investment was being made to develop Managers.
  • The employment rate was high in Bracknell, indeed also in the South East and it was a very competitive labour market with some job roles being difficult to fill due to having to compete with the private sector and being located near to London. This was an area which needs to be kept under continuous review to remain competitive.
  • Transferable skills were being developed across the Council, an example of this was in the Transformation Team were there was a continuous pool of staff being trained and supported to become project managers on a secondment basis.
  • In each staff members annual performance appraisal there was a section about personal development. All staff also had access to the development module and were able to create their own plan. Staff were encouraged to self-serve and take ownership of their own personal development
  • There was strong, robust performance management in place.
  • There were often secondment opportunities available across the Council.
  • There is a continuous risk that staff with in the Social Care area could leave. In order to mitigate this a review of some retention payments had been undertaken and agreed by the Employment Committee last year.
  • A staff survey was under taken every three years which was undertaken by an external company and all responses were anonymous. In addition a pulse survey was also being planned to ask specific questions around certain areas from the staff survey, including staff morale.


The Chairman thanked the Director: OD, Transformation and HR for her useful, interactive presentation and requested that the item be on the agenda annually for the January meeting. 


(ACTION: Hannah Stevenson to put an update on retention and recruitment on the forward plan.)



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