Agenda item

Health and Wellbeing Board Alliance Update

Executive Member for Adult Services, Health and Housing to update the Panel on the Integrated Care System (ICS) Health and Wellbeing Board Alliance.


Councillor Dale Birch, Executive Member for Adult Services, Health and Housing updated the Panel on the Integrated Care System (ICS) Health and Wellbeing Board Alliance.

He advised the Panel that:

·         When the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) was established, the way they were established  excluded elected Members from being involved. 

·         The STP, now Integrated Care System (ICS) were approached to get proper elected Member representation on the Frimley ICS.

·         The Health and Wellbeing Board Alliance was established and made up of Members who were all either chairmen of Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWB) boards or vice chairs or lead Members, in all the local authorities that made up the Frimley ICS footprint.

·         The Terms of Reference were to ensure that elected Members across the ICS footprint had a voice in the development in the large and complex plan for the future of all resident’s health, care and wellbeing.

·         The Health and Wellbeing Board Alliance had been chaired by Sir Andrew Morris, who had recently moved on in the system to NHS Improvement and the new lead is for the HWB Alliance was Fiona Edwards, Chief Executive of Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, who had 18 years in NHS senior management and was experienced in areas of mental health and learning disabilities.  Fiona Edwards was very keen on the use of new technology, timeliness and cleanliness of data within the system. 

·         The HWB Alliance Board had met 8 times,

·         They had reviewed the in year current ICS plan and were now working on 5 and 10 year forward view plans, looking at communications and engagement with residents.

·         Nationally, the Frimley ICS was one of the most integrated and advanced in the country and were seen as an exemplar in the process.  Colleagues in the Frimley ICS were held in high regard nationally, for their work on connected care and prevention. 

·         The HWB Alliance Board had looked at things and had assisted in communications and engagement and marketing the complexities of the system. 

·         The HWB Alliance Board had agreed the Frimley Health and Care logo which was amended from the initially suggested NHS logo. 

·         The HWB Alliance Board had also had input into the Creating Healthier Communities Plan and contributed to changes that were made to that plan.

·         Local authorities, and local health organisations were working together as Frimley Health and Care system to provide joint healthcare providing you and your family with the right care, at the right time and in the right place.

·         The effects of the HWB Alliance Board had been noticeable.  One of the key outputs was a glossary.  There were 9 or 10 different organisations using specific language, organisation specific terms and using their own governance arrangements.  The glossary identifies and collates all of the terminology used across a number of organisations into an understandable reference document.

·         The HWB Alliance Board was also looking to bust the myths about what was happening in the health service such as the noise about the STP being Health service privatisation.  The HWB Alliance Board’s role, was to make sure facts were in the public domain and could be accessed in plain language by the public.

·         Each HWB Alliance Board took away high level statements and enacted and implemented them locally. 

·         Messages were being brought out of ‘NHS speak’ and the local Health and Wellbeing Alliance Boards were working with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to provide information to the public in a meaningful way.


In response to Member questions, it was explained:

·         The HWB Alliance Board were not scrutiny as such. 

·         The HWB Alliance Board received the plan from the ICS main board.  Before the main board acted on anything in the plan, the HWB Alliance Board could pass judgement on it to say, “If you’re going to do it, is it the right time?”, to comment on the management of timing, get key milestone plans, examine how they are going to message it to the public. 

·         The HWB Alliance Board feedback on the communications elements to announce or assist in the numerous consultations, to ensure they are as reasonable as they can be.  The HWB Alliance Board assisted the board to get the messaging of what they had agreed to local residents.

·         Obvious errors were flagged up immediately.

·         Informal meetings outside of the HWB Alliance Board setting, were used to discuss and influence outcomes and provide feedback to the chairman of the main ICS board.


The Chairman thanked the Executive Member for Adult Services, Health and Housing for the update.