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Corporate Performance Overview Report

To consider the Chief Executive’s Corporate Performance Overview Report covering the third quarter of the 2017/18 financial year (October – December).


The Chairman has asked that any questions arising from the report should be referred to the Director of Resources in advance and only raised in the meeting if you consider the issue requires wider discussion.


The Commission noted the Corporate Performance Overview Report (CPOR) which covered  the third quarter of the 2017-18 financial year (October – December). The Chief Executive acknowledged that the CPOR related to activity from some time before as it had already been discussed at Council.


He highlighted that in Quarter three the Lexicon had opened and visitors were now up to 10 million and the bus service had seen an 18% increase in usage. There was a very positive outcome within the town centre of a reduction in shoplifting of 32% and 27% reduction in criminal damage. Members involvement in the gateway reviews had been helpful. The Time2Change project had seen the last movement of staff into Time Square and overall the series of moves had gone well. He praised the Project team and the ICT team who had done incredibly well.


Of  the things which had not gone so well he highlighted that the number of households in B&B accommodation had continued to be at a higher number than the target. Recycling was currently at 41% and was unlikely to hit the 20% target in 2020 but the RE3 partnership had won an award. He indicated that conversations regarding the frequency of collections and food waste collection would need to be had in the future.


The Chief Executive acknowledged that staff sickness in Adult Social Care and Environment, Culture and communities looked high and he had commissioned a piece of work to understand the figures once the long term sickness figures had been removed.


As a result of Members’ comments and questions, the following points were made:

·         Clarification was sought as to which school was expected to be considered as ‘outstanding’ at its next full inspection

·         In relation to L202 ‘Number of families turned around through Family Focus Project’ the Q2 figure was 72 but in Q3 was 0. Clarification was sought as to whether this change of figures was due to how this information was reported to central government.

·         Although there were a number of Red status indicators on page 19 which were not reflected in the Chief Executive’s summary and it was explained that some of the indicators were annual updates and therefore retained the red status for the whole year despite a positive trend from Ofsted and inspection reports. It was anticipated that these improvements would be reflected in the rating given at the end of the year for quarter four.

·         The target for household nights in B&Bs was set to reflect the success of the Council’s strategies to minimise this. The target was a reflection of the Council’s budget which could support an average of four homeless households however recent support had been required by single people with complex needs.

·         It was confirmed that as result of not meeting the recycling target there could be a financial penalty on the Council. However the Council was one of 95% of Councils who would not hit this EU target.

·         It was confirmed that concessionary fare trips had continued to decline despite the overall increase in bus usage since the Lexicon had opened. It was suggested that there was a need to understand why older people were not travelling to the Lexicon.

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