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Public Health Update

The purpose of this report is to set out the priorities for Bracknell Forest Public Health work in 2013/14, as well to map these against Public Health priorities at a county and national level.    


The Public Health Consultant presented a Public Health update and made the following points:


  • She asked that the Board note the ‘Longer Lives’ mortality data which considered mortality data across the country. Bracknell Forest came 37th out of 154 unitary authorities in terms of its premature mortality figures. The data also grouped together a number of unitary authorities that were deemed to be comparable in socio economic terms. She stated that comparing the data in this was could present an oversimplification and caution should be exercised.
  • The data provided a good foundation on which to consider the wider determinants of health and upon which to outline Public Health priorities for the coming year.
  • The report also set out priorities for Public Health work in 2013/14 and informed members of the further investment of £100k for Public Health for 2013/14. Public Health funding would kick start collaborative projects between the Public Health teams and other teams. A list of projects that would be taken forward was also included the report and included projects from all four directorates of the Council.
  • It was noted that Public Health priorities were in line with priorities in the Health and Wellbeing strategy, the priorities of Public Health England and the national Public Health Outcomes Framework.
  • In response to members’ queries, it was reported that MMR priorities could only be effectively delivered in partnership. Information had been disseminated from Public Health England to schools, CCGs and local Healthwatch and MMR figures would continue to be monitored.
  • It was noted that comparing data with other local authorities would not be possible if Bracknell Forest collected its own data for the JSNA.


The Council’s Chief Executive stated that it was encouraging that Public Health was now embedded within the Council’s work and processes. He stated that smoking cessation was clearly a key priority for Bracknell Forest given the ‘Longer Lives’ data and had been included in the Public Health action plan.


The Public Health Consultant stated that it was useful to highlight smoking cessation, as this was clearly central to the Longer Lives results. Wokingham's life expectancy was 20% better than Bracknell Forest’s and their smoking attributable mortality was 20% better than Bracknell Forest’s. This clearly needed to be addressed. Bracknell Forest had already entered a contract to encourage smoking cessation and this was producing some good work. There was also lots of other work underway to tackle smoking, some of this work included setting up better referral paths.


The Board commented that preventative work that targeted children and young people could be very effective in reducing smoking uptake and reduce figures in the long term.


It was noted that the smoking cessation contract would be reviewed and there would be an emphasis on stretching and exceeding targets.


It was RESOLVED that the Board;


i)                    noted the publication and key messages of the ‘Longer Lives’ mortality data


ii)                   noted the successful Public Health Grant project proposals


iii)                 agreed that the proposed priorities for local Public Health work in 2013/14.

Supporting documents: