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Meeting: 06/03/2019 - Bracknell Forest Access Group (Item 101)

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Councillor Mrs Mattick said she was disappointed at the turnout for the Access Group meeting and wondered whether it was due to the change made to the original date of the meeting.  It was noted that previous meetings had always been much better attended and it was proposed that the Group were consulted about what they would like to see on the agenda prior to each meeting.


It was discussed that the Terms of Reference for the Group should be reviewed to clarify the purpose and relevance of the meetings and what was hoped to be achieved by holding them.  However, the Group all agreed that the meetings did have value.  Councillor Leake said Health and Safety was embedded in the management of the function and likewise Accessibility should be the same with no subject being treated as distinct from another.  Councillor Mrs Mattick said she would like the meetings to be about information sharing and to include people who used the services.


Sam suggested future meetings could be conducted more along the lines of a forum as opposed to a formal meeting with representatives of organisations attending in order to give their views.