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Matters Arising

Meeting: 07/03/2019 - Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (Item 15)

Matters Arising


Arising from the minutes of the previous meeting, the following comments were noted:

·        SACRE reiterated how impressed they had been by the RE ambassadors who had presented at the last meeting, and were pleased to note that the scheme had been extended to include St Michael’s Easthampstead Primary School.

·        It was proposed that it be investigated whether SACRE members who were not present at the meeting could vote by email on any matters which required a formal vote, to resolve a history of inquoracy. Following investigation, it was clarified that this was not possible and votes could only be taken in person.

·        SACRE members were reminded of the importance of attendance at meetings, or notification of apologies to allow for action to be taken.

·        SACRE noted that Rev Jackie Case would be retiring from its membership from September 2019.