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Reports from Members round the table

Meeting: 01/03/2016 - Local Countryside Access Forum (Item 20)

Reports from Members round the table


Colin Bird reported on the PROW improvement plan 2006-2016 which had entered its final year. It was heard that all of the actions on the plan had been achieved and that the 2017-2027 plan needed to be considered. LCAF was invited to have key input into the development of the next plan, which was a statutory requirement.


David Lindop reported that he had presented the LCAF and the Beating the Boundary event to Winkfield Parish Council, who had been particularly enthusiastic about the walking event. David had also been speaking to members of the public at Swinley Forest to gauge their perception of horse access. There had been a general agreement that although access for riders is good in the forest, the car park had caused problems with people parking inconsiderately in a small space.


Michael Abbott reported on the Ramblers work with bridges this year. There was a bridge on Binfield Footpath 2 which needed repair work. This work had been costed and was going to go ahead.


Hugh Fitzwilliam reported on the SANGS land in the Warfield development, and was pleased to report that there was a surplus of SANGS land in the area. He commented that the challenge now was to connect the existing SANGS and for the council to designate PROWs to connect them.


Peter Radband commented on the issues at Devil’s Highway, including poor car park access, poor gate security giving access to illegal raves, and the poor state of the Highway itself. It was reported that Graham Pocket had been in discussion with the Forestry Commission to address some of these issues already.