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Reports from Members round the table

Meeting: 01/10/2013 - Local Countryside Access Forum (Item 11)

Reports from Members round the table


John Deakin had been in contact with South East Water regarding the Swinley Forest Pipeline Scheme. There was a need for SEW to be rigorous in the management of the scheme and more robust in the restoration of the area. John was due to meet with SEW this month and thought that the consultation period might be extended. A quick resolution was sought for the scheme to be passed and local interests to be protected. When there were water supply issues, water could be pumped around and between reservoirs.


There would be mountain biking development for investment in relation to managing where people accessed the Special Protection Area, rather than people using all over the SPA. Rangers had been tasked with thinking of pedestrian access in Swinley Forest and an accessibility route to manage where people walked.


Michael Abbott mentioned, in the absence of Richard Mosses, Hedge Lane and Priory Lane linking to Larks Hill across Newell Green. These would not be actively promoted until people could safely cross the road.


Peter Radband mentioned that cycling had increased along Nine Mile Ride due to the car parking charges at The Look Out and Coral Reef. In Peter’s opinion this was a dangerous road for cyclists to ride along and asked whether Bracknell Footpath 22 that ran adjacent to it, could be upgraded to include a permissive cycle route as this would also aid congestion on the road.


It was reported by Borough Council officers who managed the site that ran alongside Nine Mile Ride that surface improvements were undertaken along the footpath each year to improve public access. The footpath ran along a narrow woodland strip and putting in a non-permeable surface would have a negative impact on the trees so there would need to be permeable treatments. Hugh reported that cycling was not so common on this road as thought and that he would be concerned about providing signage along this footpath, as it could give cyclists the misconception that all footpaths could be cycled on, when in fact cycling was prohibited on footpaths. It was suggested by the Borough Council officers that cyclists could continue to use Bracknell Footpath 22 as a kind of permissive access, but there was some reluctance to publicise this.


The possibility of a survey of cyclists’ use of Nine Mile Ride would be explored, to determine whether this was an issue that needed to be investigated further.

 (Action: Graham Pockett/ Rose Wicks)


Michael Abbott queried whether Lapland UK running at Christmas for three months would also possibly look to apply to run at other times of the year, during key holidays such as Easter. Michael Brossard who was Vice Chairman of the BFC Planning Committee advised that applications were considered on the basis of merits and for any other time, there would need to be a fresh planning application. There had been no indication that there was a wish to extend the period; John Deakin advised that the organisation specialised in Christmas  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11