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Site Visits

Meeting: 01/10/2013 - Local Countryside Access Forum (Item 9)

Site Visits

Please bring ideas for future visits.


The Jennett’s Park site visit had to be postponed. Suggested future days for site visits included Saturday morning or Friday. There would be a combined site visit with the Biodiversity Forum.


Previous suggestions for site visits included:

  • The Crown Estate; visit to see new bike trails;
  • Jennett’s Park; creation of new footpaths;
  • Shepherd Meadows; bank restoration and path upgrade;
  • South Hill Park; new waymarked trails;
  • Jealott’s Hill Farm; Forum members invited by Innes McEwan to visit the farm;
  • Broadmoor/ Foresters Way; possible affect of new hospital access road to the Public Rights of Way network.


Innes McEwan would be contacted regarding a possible visit to Jealott’s Hill Farm.

(Action: Rose Wicks)


Further suggestions for site visits included: Tarman’s Copse where the developer was due to take measures to improve the site in preparation for it being transferred across to council ownership and Westmorland Park after the site quality improvements had been completed.


Work had been completed to improve signage and interpretations at South Hill Park. The site was up for a Barley Award for the best local authority park in the region.


Peter suggested that it would be interesting to know what inspectors looked for when considering Green Flag Award status. It was suggested that Forum members could be involved in the quality checks undertaken by the Parks and Countryside Service.

(Action: Graham Pockett/ Richard Walton)


The time involved in such work would depend on the level of interest but one site audit usually took a couple of hours. A fresh perspective on sites would be useful. Volunteers for this should contact Rose Wicks.

(Action: All)